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Interact has existed in Sri Lanka since 1963. The first Club was founded at St. John’s College , Jaffna. When Mr W.M.N De Alwis took over as Warden in January 1983 he reviewed the various clubs and societies that were in existence in the College at that time. One club which he found to be inactive and almost defunct was the youth services association. He ordered the dissolution of that society and gave his blessings to a dynamic group of Thomians who inaugurated the Interact Club at STC in the second term, Hence the Interact Club of S.Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia was chartered on the 13th of July 1983 with the sponsorship of the Rotary Club of Mount Lavinia. The first Teacher in Charge was Mrs. S.C. Ranasinghe while the first President was R.S. Muthunayagam. The following held in the first Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

The Executive Committee 1983/1984


President                      -           R.S Muthunayagam

            Vice President              -           B.Ramanadam

            Secretary                      -           A.V. Abeynaike

            Asst. Secretary -           C.M. Fernando

            Treasurer                      -           K.Rasaratnam

            Asst. Treasurer -           C.P.S Mendis    

Board of Directors            

International Understanding Directors    -           D.G. Perera

                                                                                    -           P.A. Nicholas

            Club Service Director                                       -           J.C.R Abeynaike

            Finance Director                                               -           A. Hettigoda

            Community Service Director                             -           S.P. Samaraweera

            Editor                                                               -           S.U.S. Perera

            Co.Editor                                                         -           M.L. De Silva

             The Club was founded in order that it would become “a service oriented organization” true to the aims of Rotary its Parent body and to the goals of Interact. Soon after the club was initiated the unfortunate racial disturbances of July 1983 broke out and as a result the school was closed for a long period of time. The new Board and Club members were thus unable to hold their first official meeting until October of the same year.


            The Interact Club survives on its projects. A Club which does not engage in projects is a dead one! Thus, The STC Interact Club from the very inception has been at the forefront in organizing many laudable projects to serve the community and the College in general. For any new Club, Society or Association to function properly or indeed eventually embark on its programme of activities, one of the pre-requisites is the finances. Thus a Finance Project to raise funds for the club. The Club held a film titled “Urban Cowboy” which brought in a sufficient income to finance the future projects of the club planned for the rest of the Interact year.

            This was followed by the first Community Service project in November of 1983 which was a seminar on the important topic of “Leadership”. The Board had decided to organize this seminar with a view of educating members of the Club and others on the necessity of good leadership qualities and skills, because it was felt that these qualities and skills were lacking in the members of the Club in particular the Thomian Community and the world in general. It has been recorded that a large number of Interactors from various schools attended this seminar. This project, classified as a community service project was a complete success.

            The last day of the third term of 1983 saw the competition of the first Club Service project which was a cricket match between the members of the College Interact Club and the Mid-Town Interact Club. This had been a successful and enjoyable event according to the records.

            1984 was a very active year for the Club. The Interactors staged a Drama as part of their International Understanding Project which was well received. R.Reeves received special mention for his portrayal of the character “Vivi”. Under Community Service the members took on the task of painting the blackboards in all the classrooms of the College, which was no doubt appreciated by the College authorities. During the first term of the year the Club organized a food fair to generate income for future projects which was resounding success.

      It is indeed noteworthy that this “infant” club hosted the District321 District Conference in the first year of its existence. This proves beyond doubt that efficiency and capability surpass age and seniority. It also proves that the STC Interact Club was able to hold its own among other senior clubs in the District.

            An Interact year commences in the month of July with the Installation ceremony of the new president and his new Board of Directors. Thus the first year of the history of the Interact of STC ended on the 30th of June 1984 with great successes in all avenues of service. Interact had come to stay at STC and had made its mark as one of the most lively and active Clubs in the plethora of societies existent at College at that time. Thus augured well for the future. That was only the beginning as the best was yet to come!

            PROGRESS: 1984/1985

It is indeed unfortunate that the Board of Directors for the year 1984/1985 have not left a record of the activities undertaken by the club for that year. Thus it is not possible to even ascertain the names of the Board members 

for that year. The president was B. Ramanadan. The only mention is of two projects organized by the club, namely the screening of a movie ‘Every which way but loose’ in the movie room of the Library on the 13 ' of October and the staging of a play 'Mawathe Api' in accordance with 'sama' of 1984. 

The year 1985 was an eventful one as far as the club was concerned. At the Annual General Meeting held in June the following were elected to the Board.Text Box:  

Executive Committee and Board 1985/1986


President                   - Nalin Fernando

Vice-President          - Mano Muthunayaean

Secretary                   - Mevan Fernando

Asst: Secretary          -Trevor Martin

Treasurer                  –Arun de Silva

Asst: Treasurer         -  Anuk de Mel

 The Board of Directors


International Understanding         -  Chanaka Gunawardene

Community Service                      -  Dillon Sothinathan

Editor                                            - J.O Perera

Co. Editor                                      - Muxor Vara

 Records are scanty with regards to this period. However,according to the College Magazine for Term II a seminar under the title 'Computers - the Key to the Future' was. organised. It is significant to note that on the 25th of October the following year the first ever Micro - computer Centre to be installed at S.T.C was declared open by the Hon. Minister of Finance and Planning, Mr. Ronnie de Mel, who had been responsible for this donation by the People's Bank. The Interact Club thus foresaw the introduction of this important element of communication, education and information. 

A 'Vocational Service Project' was held on the 21st of November at the College Hall. This Community service project was in keeping with one of the aims for which Interact stands. 

One of the primary objectives of Interact is social service. Thus for the first time in the history of the club the members visited 'Sumaga' home, an institute for the mentally retarded. They donated dry rations and also completed some odd jobs in and around the area. This was the beginning of a long relationship between this institution and the Interact Club.  

1986 dawned with a Tree - planting Project inside the college campus. Through the implementation of this project more than 25 valuable plants of differing varieties were planted in the college campus. Interact thus showed its commitment to environmental concerns. During the year, 7 Interactors paid weekly visits on Thursdays to the 'Sumaga' home. This was much appreciated by the residents. 

Term III was not a very active one for the club as the members of the club were involved with preparations for the centenary celebrations of the Old Boys Association which began on the 21st of December 1985 namely the College Fair of February 1986 and the first ever sponsored ride. By their involvement in these projects a new era dawned in the contribution of the Club to the College. 

At the District Conference of 1986 the President , Nalin Fernando contested the post of District Interact Representative, the most prestigious post in the Interact District. It was indeed unfortunate that he was not elected. It is noteworthy that the President for 1985/86 Int. Nalin Fernando was awarded the award for the ‘best youth of the month’ at the District Assembly in June 1986.

Executive Committee and Board 1986/1987 

President                      -     M. I. Muthunayagam

Vice-President              - C.D.P Gunewardena

Secretary                      -  T.D Perera

Asst: Secretary -    M.Nairoos

Treasurer                      -      A.K deMel

Asst. Treasure – I. A Weerasinghe

 Board of Directors

 lub Service                             – D. Sri Nandalochana

International Understanding       – T.S. N. Periras

Community Service                   – C. Senaratne

Finance                                    - S. Munasighe

Editor                                       – P.D. Boteju

Co Editor                                 - R.P. Deegoda

Sergeant at arms                       – S. Cader

 Under Community service the “sumanga” Project was continued. Under finance plans to open a Milk bar at College had to be abandoned as the P.T.A had initiated plans for an Ice Cream Parlour. The Club therefore organized a benefit show at the Empire Cinema on the 14th of October. The 4th District Meeting for the year 1986/1987 was hosted by the College              

Executive Committee and Board 1987/1988

 President                                  -           Sabri Cader

Vice President                          -           D.N. Jayatilleke

Secretary                                  -           H.C. Perera

Treasurer                                  -           R.S. Kulasuriya

Committee members                 -           E.A. Jayasundere

-                     S. Jayatilleke

-                     M.Ramachandran

-                     P.Werajanma


At the District Assembly held in June, the STCML Interact Club won the award for participation for a record of 100% participation. There is no record of any projects from this period right up to term 2 1988.

Text Box:  

 Executive Committee and Board 1988/1989 


President                      -           P. Werajanma

Vice President              -           J. Jayatilleke

            Secretary                      -           R. Fernando

            Asst. Secretary -           N. Bartholomeusz

            Treasurer                      -           R. Marjan

            Asst. Treasurer -           D. Ganatunga  

 Board of Directors


            Club Service Director                                       -           I. Obeysekera

Community Service Director                             -           R. Gunasekera

Finance Director                                               -           T. Ellawala

            Editor                                                               -           R. Sivapothamatham


Committee Members                                        -           Y. Dias

                                                                                    -           S. Gunaratne

                                                                                    -           N. Suresh

                                                                                    -           R. Rajaratnam         


        There is no record of any activities during the following months although this does not indicate that there were no activities organized, merely that they were not placed on in the College Magazine  

Text Box:  

 The Executive Committee and Board  1989/1990


President                      -           R. Marjan

Vice President              -           J. Jayatilleke

            Secretary                      -           R. Sivapathan

            Treasurer                      -           Y. Dias

The Board of Directors


            Club Service                 -           S. Gunaratne

            Finance                        -           E.Fernando


            Committee Members    -           P. Meemanage

                                                            R. Fernando

                                                            K. Warnakulasuriya

             A chocolate Raffle was held and a sum of Rs. 3000/- was collected. The insurgency prevalent at the time prevented any further projects from being organized or implemented. On the 1st of June 1989 a general knowledge quiz was held.

            The first meeting for the year1990 was held on the 31st of January at which it was decided to hold an ice cream sale on the 10th of February in the College. P.N. Weerasinghe was appointed secretary of the Club while P. Meemanage and D.R. Seneratne were appointed Finance Director and Treasurer respectively. In Term 3 1990 a car wash was held. It was sponsored entirely by Swedish Trading Company Ltd.   One of the College Interactors W.L.C. Fernando won the second prize in an essay competition organized by the NLC.

             June 1990 witnessed a change at the helm. The following were installed in office as members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Text Box:  

 The Executive Committee 1990/1991


President                      -           P.N. Weerasinghe

Vice President              -           K. Warnakulasuriya

            Secretary                      -           D.R. Seneviratne

            Treasurer                      -           O.V.V. Wijeyratne

 Board of Directors


            Club Service Director                                       -           D. Walatara

Community Service Director                             -           P.E. Patrick

Finance Director                                               -           A.D. Ilangasekera

            International Understanding                               -           M.R.Jeffrey


Committee Members                                        -           Surein Dayaratne

                                                                                    -           M.R. Perera

                                                                                    -           R. Wjesinghe

                                                                                    -           M. Liyanage

                                                                                    -           R. Gunerwardene

                                                                                    -           S. Dissanayake

   The Club successfully performed a number of Projects in this year. In addition to the Club Service projects and fund raisers many community Service projects were also completed successfully. The members set a fine example to other Thomians in successfully diverting their attention to the poor and the less fortunate members of the community. One of their projects was the providing of books, clothes, school uniforms and shoes to clever and deserving children in the neighbouring schools. This was the first time the club had undertaken a project of this magnitude and the members contributed eagerly to the total success of the project. We chose 10 deserving children, 5 boys and 5 girls from the following schools:

            Hena Vidyalaya                                                              -         Mount Lavinia

            Kandawala Vidyalaya                                                    -         Ratmalana

            St. Anthony’s R.C. School                                             -         Mount Lavinia

            Dharmodaya Vidyalaya                                                  -         Mount Lavinia

            Dharmarama Vidyalaya                                                  -         Ratmalana

   The members paid two visits to the Cheshire Home, Mount Lavinia and entertained the inmates to a tea party. Dry rations and clothes were also distributed. With the assistance of the District 322 our club painted ward 40 of the general hospital Colombo, and gave a tea party to the inmates of the Sevana Lama Nivasa at Kotte. Medical goods worth Rs. 500 were donated to ‘Salina’ elders home at Piliyandala.

            As already mentioned the Interact Club was actively involved in supporting the various projects organized by the College. In the year under review, Warden Neville de Alwis was in the process of collecting funds for the second phase of his magnum opus – the indoor sports complex. The Interact Club organized a Chocolate Raffle in aid of this project, and later in the term organized a car wash project for the same purpose.

In the midst of all of this, the Interactors also took part in a tree planting campaign.

 No records exist for the year 1991/92. The President of the Club was K. Warnakulasuriya However, a significant event took place at the helm of affairs when Mrs. S.C Ranasinghe stepped down as Staff-Advisor of the Club after nearly 8 years in that capacity. She rendered invaluable service to the club during her tenure in office. The Warden invited another popular teacher, Mrs. Akbar to take up the responsibility of Staff-Advisor which she gladly accepted.

 The year 1992/93 is also without official records. But a significant event was the election of Thomian Interactor K. Warnakulasuriya as the District Interact Representative of the District 3220. The first ever Thomian to hold the highest office in Interact.

At the Annual General Meeting in June 1993 a new Board was selected and installed in office for the forthcoming year. Records only show the three top posts, namely

 Executive committee 1993/94 

President               -      S.W.T Shiek

Vice "President     -       A.Warnakulasuriya

Secretary               -        F.Falil 

The first major project under finance was the raffle of a Mountain Bike which was given to us by our Patron Warden Neville de Alwis. The sum of Rs. 12,210 was collected from this which was utilised for numerous other projects. A sale of old newspapers brought in a sum of Rs. 527. Closer to the Royal - Thomian Match of 1994, badges with the college crest were sold which brought in a profit ofRs. 4400 of which Rs. 3000 was given to the College. Under Community service a Shramadhana at the School for the Deaf and Blind at Ratmalana was organised. 23 Interactors from College participated in this event. An audio cassette recorder was gifted to a blind fellow student of the College. 

During the year two college Interactors participated in the Rotaract Silver Jubilee International Conference held in Madras.

 Under Club Service a beautiful podium was gifted by the Club for the use of the College Hall, which added to the grandeur at three significant events held in the hall that year, namely the release of the College History book, the annual Prize Giving and later the Jubilee Oration.

 The highlight of the year was the ‘Sulu Sevaka Dinaya' organised to felicitate members of the support staff of the college in the Jubilee year. This was a resounding success.

The S.T.C Interactors were also the Proud recipients of a citation awarded by the District 3220 in recognition of Outstanding Service rendered during the year

Text Box:  

 The Executive Committee 1994/1995

 President                      -           Surein Dayaratne

Vice President              -           Praveen Madawala

            Secretary                      -           Asanga Welikela

            Treasurer                      -           Naveen madawala


Board of Directors

                 Club Service Director                                       -           Virein Perera

Community Service Director                             -           S. Jamaldeen

Finance Director                                               -           V.Perera

            International Understanding                               -           Chevan Daniel

            Public Relations                                                -           Niroshan Samarasinghe

            Editor                                                               -           Sujeeva Abeysinghe


            Under club service a pocket calendar for 1995 was released. 500 calendars with the College Crest were sold at Rs.10 each. Under Community Service the members visited the army hospital in January1995 where 45 sarongs were gifted to the inmates of Ward 11. Rs.30,000 worth of Jaipur limbs and microscopes were donated to the hospital on the 30th of November.

             The first District meeting for the year 1994/1995 was hosted by the STC club. It is significant to note that the District Interact Representatives for the year was the immediate past president of the STC club S.W.T. Shiek. Along with him 3 other members of the District Committee were Thomians. The College Interact Club also hosted the first rounds of debating and quiz competitions of Interaction 1994.

 The members visited the Cheshire Home at Mount Lavinia where they cleaned the premises; spoke to the inmates and gifted sweets and food items to them.             525 books were collected and contributed by the club to the ‘Book Sense’ programme organized by the Interact District 3220. The Club also donated 250 kgs of glass for the glass project organized by the District.

 On the 4th and 5th of March 1995 a Beach Carnival ‘Inter Flash’ was organized by the Club on the Mount Lavinia Beach. This was the first project of this kind organized by the Club. Following this a donation of Rs.100,000 was made to the Sports complex fund for the third phase of the project. On the 6th of May the club conducted a ‘Road sense’ Project which was a success.

 The Executive Committee and Board 1995/96

President                      -           Asanga Welikala

Vice President              -           Tilan Wickremasinghe

            Secretary                      -           Eomal Munasinghe

            Treasurer                      -           Chevan Daniel

 The Board of Directors

 Club Service Director                                       -           S.I. Hameed

Community Service Director                             -           S. Wijewardene

Finance Director                                               -           Niroshan de Alwis

            International Understanding                               -           I. Rajasuriya

            Public Relations                                                -           Damesh de Silva

            Editor                                                               -           R. Illeperuma

            Sergeant at Arms                                              -           S. Junaid

   Form Representatives                                       -           R. Wanigatunga

                                                                                    -           H. Siriwardene

                                                                                    -           D. Muttiah

                                                                                    -           S.G. Dedigama

                                                                                    -           P. Thalayasingham

                                                                                    -           Royden de Silva

                                                                                    -           H.O.M. Hizbullah

                                                                                    -           D. Perera


            Under Community service the members visited the army hospital on the 2nd of June and donated 1000 gift packs each containing essential items. Children orphaned by the war and cared for at the Lotus Bud orphanage were given gift packs. They also visited the Cheshire home and gifted sweets, groceries and cosmetics to the inmates.

            A Major project named Aidathlon was organized with the intention of promoting AIDS awareness among the youth of our society. This programme consisted of a sponsored walk, workshops, debates, discussions etc. to promote AIDS awareness over a period of two months. The project commenced on the 16th of September and concluded on the 1st of December, World AIDS Day. This project won for the club two major citations at the 1995/96 District Assembly, namely the best club service Award and the Best Club Award.

             ‘Sulu Sevaka Dinaya’ was organized again that year to show appreciation to the support staff of the College. The Club organized the first ever Royal-Thomian Interact Limited Over Cricket Match. The ‘Dapper’ President of the club, Int. Asanga Welikala brought distinction to the College by representing the Club at the Inter District youth exchange Programme at Rajasthan India.

The year ended on a high note with the Club wining the highest citation for ‘Best Club’ in the District for the year 1995/96 at the District Assembly. This was indeed a significant achievement in the life of our club and one which will go down in the annals of our history.

             The board for 1996/97 was installed on the 18th of July in the College Hall. The District Interact Chairman Rtn. PP. PHF. Rohan Hapugalle was the Chief Guest at the Ceremony, while Mr. D.A. Pakianathan, the Sub-Warden was the Guest of Honour.

The Executive Committee 1996/1997

President                      -           Imran Hameed

Vice President              -           Niroshan de Alwis

            Secretary                      -           Hejaaz Hizbullaah

            Treasurer                      -           Bhathiya Karunaratne

 The Board of Directors

 Club Service Director                                       -           Eranga Welikala

Community Service Director                             -           Irfan Ahmed

Finance Director                                               -           Muditha Adhikari

            International Understanding                               -           Gihan Dedigama

            Sergeant at Arms                                              -           Royden de Silva


            Form Representatives                                       -           Dayan Ranasinghe

                                                                                    -           Devinda Ekanayake

                                                                                    -           Eshan Mendis

                                                                                    -           Charith Gomes

             In the avenue of Community service a Health Camp was conducted at the Mallikarama Temple premises at Ratmalana, at which 50 patients were given treatment. The medicines left over from the Health Camp were gifted to the clinic run by the Temple. A 1001 Book Collection campaign was organized and proved to be successful.

            The children of Lotus Bud Orphanage received priority in our efforts to ‘heal the world’. The Club members visited the orphanage and decided to provide them with the basic necessities and with items on their book list. 33 of these children received the gift packs at the hands of the club patron Warden Neville de Alwis at assembly.

            An evening of entertainment was organized to recognize the services of the support staff of the College on ‘Sulu Sevaka Dinaya’. The members of the support staff were the guest of honour. Gift packs were given to them according to their years of service. This gesture was greatly appreciated by them. Under Finance a club T-shirt was printed and sold.

             An environment friendly project named ‘keep the classrooms clean’ was organized for the second consecutive year and proved to be successful.

            In the Avenue of International Understanding the first ever ‘Dual Verbal Dual’ inter school debating tournament was organized by the Club for which Mano Muthunayagam memorial Challenge Trophy was awarded Ananda College won this trophy by beating Royal College. This Tournament was organized with the intention of enhancing the debating skills, knowledge and good will among students of other schools and clubs.     A new board took office in June 1997 and were installed in July. The Chief Guest at the Installation was Rt. PP. PHF. DGN. Rohan Happugalle and the guest of honour was the District Interact Chairman Rtn. Keith Raymond.

Text Box:  

The Executive Committee 1997/1998


President                      -           H.O.M. Hizbullah

            Vice President              -           H.C. Gomes

            Secretary                      -           Ramesh Soysa

            Treasurer                      -           Irfath Abrahim

 Board of Directors


            Club Service Director                                       -           Fazhul Rahaman

Community Service Director                             -           Devinda Ekanayake

Finance Director                                               -           Eshan Mendis

International Understanding Director     -           Surein Kanagaratnam

            Editor                                                               -           Uditha Kumarasinghe

            Co.Editor                                                         -           R. Balasingham

            Sergeant at arms                                               -           R. Kandiah

            Under Community Service there were many activities. The first was a project done together with the Interact Club of St. Peter’s College and in collaboration with the army hospital. This Blood donation campaign was held on the 21st of September 1997 at the Community Service centre De Soyza flats at Moratuwa. Over 45 pints of blood was collected and donated to the army blood unit. The painting if a corridor in the cancer hospital, a corridor in the office building of the deaf and Blind school at Ratmalana and 22 hospital beds in the Lady Ridgeway Children’s hospital and the hall area of the Singha lama Niwasa orphanage in Mount Lavinia was under taken. We donated crutches and a wheel chair to the army hospital in October. We donated 40 gift packs to the Seva Vanitha unit of the SL Army to be distributed among the children of army personnel killed in action. These packs contained stationary items.

             A wall calendar for 1998 was published for the first time in the history of the club and the College. The designs for each month were done by Int. Uditha Kumarasinghe who depicted various scenes from the life of the school year for each month. This was well received although there were a few teething problems which affected the final outcome. It is noteworthy that the Interact Club attempted such and ambitious project.  

            On the 27th of June 1998 after nearly three and a half months of toil, the District Assembly was held. This was the third time an assembly was hosted by STC club and the second time it was done collaborating with the Interact Club of Bishop’s College, Colombo. This was a resounding success. At this Assembly, the following significant awards were made.

             Selfless Service to the Cause of Interact            -           Devinda Ekanayake 

            Award for hosting the District Assembly            -           S.Thomas’ College

            Award for continuous service                            -           S.Thomas’ College

                        Another significant event of the year under review was the visit to Ooty, India by Int. H. Hizbullah, the President who attended the Rotary Youth Leadership Award Ceremony (RYLA). This brings us to contemporary times. A survey of the events of the Interact year 1998/1999 may be made by reading the secretary’s report. However, mention must be made of the farewell Ceremony organized by Warden Neville de Alwis, our Patron who retired after 15 and a half years of service to the College. There was a Ceremony held in the College Hall at which a presentation was made to him by President-Elect, Devinda Ekanayake and Mrs. Akbar, the Staff Advisor. The invaluable contributions made to all our activities over the past 15 years by the Warden cannot be measured in words. He was indeed a great Patron of Interact at College and he will be missed.

             At the end of the year Mrs. S.Z. Akbar stepped down from the post of Staff Advisor after 8 years of service. She was a great help in all the activities of the Club over those years.

A new board for the year 1998/99 was installed in July 1998. The Chief Guest for this occasion was the District Rotary Governor Rtn. PHF Rohan Hapugalle and the Guest of honour Mr. Neville de Alwis, Warden Emmeritus of College who had just retired from office in June. For the first time in the History of the Club the following awards were given out.

 Interactor of the Year                    :Devinda Ekanayake

Selfless Service to the Cause of Interact    : Eshan Mendis

 Executive Committee 1998/1999

 President           : Devinda Ekanavake

Secretary            : Yasiru Subasinghc

Treasurer            : Eshan Mendis

 Board of Directors 98/99

 Club Service                             -Dayan Ranasinghe

Community Service                   - Saminda Bandara

International Understanding       -Lanka Rathnayake

Finance                                     -Uditha Kumarasingha

Editor                                       -Chamara Ratriayake

Co-Editor                                 -Weranja Ranasinghe




Membership cards were issued to all members of the Club who have the required 60% average attendance. Those who do not have the required average attendance were expelled from the Club. If an expelled member wished to rejoin the Club he was required to attend three consecutive general meetings. We maintained a notice board in the main block, which was viewed by all. This was used to inform the students and the teachers about the latest happenings of the Club. We also printed a bulletin, which is published every three months. This bulletin contains the projects organised by the Club. The cover page. has a picture of a landmark in the College. The reverse cover page presents a message given by one of our famous Wardens. This was the first time the official Bulletin of The Interact Club of S.Thomas’ College; “Thomian Pride” was published. Since its inception it has won the Citation for the Best Bulletin Island wide.



During the past year 31 community Service projects were completed. These included cleaning of the College Chapel Gardens-once every two weeks, as a permanent project of the Club, Cleaning of the College Botanical Gardens Selling of old Papers to bring in an income to the Club account. The money collected was for community service projects.


Donations of essential items to the Sumaga Training Center; used clothes to a social worker, Mrs. Mercy Ratnem, who takes care of hundreds of children in the Colombo district as well as in the out station districts; textbooks to the students of the rural village of Palenda; food items to the Sumaga Training Center; old clothes as well as food items to the Singha Lama Nivasaya; essential items to the Grace Perera Home for the elders; afternoon tea and other refreshments to the Sir Senarath Gunawardena home for boys;

Used Clothes to the Labourers of the Municipal Council; Medicine to the Cancer Hospital- Maharagama; Lux Soap among the patients of the Children's Ward at the Cancer Hospital, Maharagama were some of the donations.


As our major Community Service project of the year we held a Health Camp on the 24th of April. This Camp, was held in the Kotmale district and was a very successful one. Approximately 600-700 people came for medication. This was the first of many Health camps conducted in a Rural Area and word goes that the Interact Club of S.Thomas’ College was the first Club to ever attempt such a project in the Interact District.

The really needy were also given a pair of rubber slippers. Uni. -Levers Pvt. Ltd. also held a promotional campaign and distributed toothpaste and toothbrushes to everyone that visited the Health Camp.



As our major I.U. project for this year we organised the Bi-annual Interschool debating competition named the Dual-Verbal-Duel". The debates, which were held in the month of February, were worked off at the College Hall. Debating teams from many schools in the island participated in which the debating team from St. Peter's College emerged champions at the finals which was held on the 27th of February.


The STC Facilities Development Project The main finance project of the year, which is the S.T.C. Facilities Development Project, is now on the verge of completion. Our main purpose was to refurbish two existing washrooms into ones that could be used by Ladies and Gentlemen who visit the College for various reasons particularly for functions in the College Hall and Chapel.

Funds for this project were raised through the following phases:

* Ice cream sales                                                                     \

*By selling College pocket calendars for 1999

*By organising a cultural concert named "December Rhythms 98"

*By printing a souvenir which was sold at the concert

*By printing a College T-shirt

*Donations from other organisations.

The construction work is scheduled to be over by the 1st week of June 1999.


We also organized a car wash on the 16th of May, which was held in the College premises. The main objective of this project was to rejuvenate the Club account.


At the 9th District Assembly hosted by the Interact Clubs of Trinity College-Kandy, Ananda College-Colombo and Mahamaya College-Kandy which was held at the at the St. Joseph's Auditorium on the 26111 of June 1999, the Interact Club ofS. Thomas* College Mount Lavinia was very highly recognised in this event where the club carried away a record number of 5 out of the 7 awards. The awards received are as follows:


•    The Best Bulletin in Sri-Lanka.


•    The Best Finance Project in Sri-Lanka.

-STC Facilities Development Project-

•    The Best Community Service Project in Sri-Lanka.

-Health Camp'99-

•    One Of The Best Five Club Presidents in Sri-Lanka.

-Int. PP Devinda Ekanayaka-

•    Citation Award for One Of The Ten Most Outstanding Clubs in Sri-Lanka.

-Interact Club ofS Thomas College Mount Lavinia-

The Executive Committee 1999/2000


President       Int. Lanka Rathnayake

Secretary        Int. Weranja Ranasinghe

Treasurer       Int. Dayan Ranasinghe


Board Of Directors 1999/2000


Club Service                 : Int. Pradeep Gunawardena

Community Service                    : Int. Gobinath Suthanthiranathan

International Understanding       : Int. Shehan Daulagala

Finance                                       : Int. Yasiru Banadaranayake

Co-Editors                                : Int. Nuwan Jayasuriya

Int. Tamra Ranasinghe

Sergeant At Arms                      : Int. Kamaj Silva

 The Interact Club of S. Thomas’  College completed a successful year of 1999/2000. The 4 quarters were active in all avenues of service. At the end of the year membership was at 48. Under Club Service A presentation was given by the Interact Club at the S. Thomas' College Current Affairs Forum on the 201" of October 1999. Many board members including Interactors Lanka, Dayan, Nuwan, Gobinath and general members addressed the Forum on various aspects of Interact. A workshop was conducted by Rtn Nalin

Feranando on the 17th of November 1999. This workshop, the second for the Interact year was held for the benefit of the general members, in which the History of the Rotary Club of Mount Lavinia and it's ties with the Interact Club of S.Thomas' College Mount Lavinia were discussed upon.  The 4"1 Interact District meeting for the Interact Year 1999/2000 was hosted by the Interact Club of S. Thomas' College Mount Lavinia on the 23rd of October 1999 at the College Hall. This meeting was quite successful with a large number of schools attending.

 The 17th Installation Ceremony of our club was held on the 24"' of November 1999 at the College Hall.The Chief Guest for this event was Rtn. Rasin Seneviratne, the president of the Rotary Club of Mount Lavinia for the year 99/2000. Several Awards were given away at this ceremony. They were the 'Tnteractor of the Year" which was presented to the most outstanding Interactor and two Merit Awards to two Interactors for 'Selfless service'

to the cause of Interact during the year 1999/2000. In addition to these awards a special token of appreciation was given to Past President Int. Devinda Ekanayake by the board for the year 1999/2000, for his dedication towards the upliftment of the standards of Interact at College. Another award of appreciation was given to Mr. Bernard Chandrasekara for always been there when the club needed photographs taken.

 An important appointment took place this year with Mr.Marc Billimoria the Master in Charge handing over the reigns to Mrs.Janitha Goonewardene. Credit must be given to Mr.Billimoria for his unstinted efforts in enhancing Thomian Interact to great levels.

 A large number of community service projects were also carried out this year. Donation consisted of  donating books to the Seva Vanitha Unit in on the 1s1 of August 1999, donating a large amount of used clothes on the 1st of September 1999 to a dedicated social worker,Mrs. Mercy Ratnem, donating some toothbrushes to the minor staff of College on the 8"1 of September 1999 donating food items at the Car Wash to the municipal workers in the area, Dinner to the orphans in Sri Lankadhara Society Ltd. We collected and donated a large number of books to the rural school Kalavila Junior School, Kalavilla, off Aluthgama on 19"' November 1999. These books will be stored in the library of this school for the use of the students.  We collected and donated essential items worth over Rs.150, 000/= to the soldiers. This project was organised, along with the Cadet Corps of S.Thomas' College and was a huge success. Painting of Blackboards of all the classrooms of S.Thomas’ College was done by the Interactors during the month of January.

 Under International Understanding an Essay and Handwriting Competition was held in the 3rd Week of September. A youth seminar was also held in the 3rd quarter however the details of this project are not available during the compiling of the History.

 Under Finance the Club printed and sold 1500 stickers with the College crest as the first finance project for the year. These stickers were a sell out which brought in a good income to the club. “Splash with a Bash” was held on the 11"' of September 1999 on Havelock Road. This was very successful project. A Benefit Film Show was conducted  on  October the 22nd  1999 as another finance project. This consisted of 2 films, which were Tarzan (The Cartoon) for the students of the Lower School and  The Matrix for the general audience. The Club also printed and sold College Key tags among the College boys and old boys as another finance project. These Key tags with the College Crest

were sold out and was thus a huge success. A new College Car Sticker was printed in the 3rd Quarter in collaboration with Old Boys week  

 On a general Interact note A team of 4 Interactors entered the semi-finals

in the quiz competition 'Quiz with a Difference' organised by the Interact Club of St. Peter's College, Colombo.  For Interaction 1999 a team for cricket and swimming was sent and Int. Dayan, representing the club in the swimming event emerged champion while the cricket team did not perform to the expectations.  Accommodation for 200 Interactors attending Interaction was provided due to their outstation problem.

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Interact Club of S.Thomas' College, Mt. Lavinia.